• How long after the concrete has been placed until I can walk on it?

Allow approximately 24 hours before walking on newly placed concrete.

  • How long until I can drive on a newly poured driveway?

You should not park or drive on a new concrete driveway for 7-10 days to ensure that the concrete is cured enough to sustain the weight of a car.

  • Will concrete crack?

Yes, concrete like all other materials, will slightly change in volume when it dries out.  Control joints are placed in the concrete to allow an area for the concrete to crack.

  • Can you place concrete in the winter time?

Yes, as long as it is above 40 degrees we can place concrete.

  • Can I use a de-icer on my concrete?

Avoid using deicing salts, especially during the first winter after the pavement is installed.

  • Should I re-seal my stamped and colored patio and if so how often?

YES! You should plan to have your stamped and colored concrete resealed at least every other year to ensure that the color does not become dull and to ensure the concrete is protected from the freeze thaw cycle.

* Are there limits on the size of the projects HCD will undertake?

             Yes!  Due to the size of our crew we cannot undertake projects that are not at least $4000