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Home Maintenance Tips Winter Maintenance in Colorado...

Winter Maintenance in Colorado... an absolute necessity!

Remove ALL snow and ice immediately after a snow storm is finished.   Sunshine during the day and freezing temperatures at night create a “freeze-thaw” cycle which will eventually break the concrete surface.  This is particularly critical on any north faced concrete pads – i.e. driveways, sidewalks, etc.  The Colorado winter sun in many cases never even sees north faced pads.  They get walked on or driven on, then melts on warmer days and freezes again at night.

Should icing ever occur, do not use thawing agents, especially those containing Chlorides.   If it is absolutely necessary to use the aforementioned thawing agent, as the ice starts to melt, - shovel it off immediately so the chemicals are not allowed to remain on the concrete.  Even though it may say it’s safe for concrete (and would probably be the best one for concrete) the fact of the matter is that none are absolutely safe.  As a traction agent, however, dry sand purchased at a lumber yard can be used with absolutely no damage to your concrete.

In late fall, do not allow excessive moisture on surrounding areas as moisture in the soil may cause the ground to swell as frost sets in and could cause your concrete to heave.  This includes piling shoveled snow on the high end of your concrete as the same effect will happen when it starts to thaw.